Learning Polyhedrons Based On It

Siti Hajar


Learning resources and media play very important roles in learning
activities in the classroom. Various learning resources complemented with
interactional media will encourage the learners to be more active in the
classroom. The objective of this present research is to analyze what
learning resources and media are used by the teacher in learning
polyhedrons. This research was conducted in MTs N Malang 1. The
methods of data collection were observations and interviews. To obtain the
data, the researcher made observations during learning activities and then
compared the data from the observations and those of the interviews with
the teacher concerned and with one of the students joining in the learning
activities. The data were qualitative in nature. Based on the data analysis, it
was revealed that learning resources and media used were IT-based. The
learning resources were electronic books and the package books for Grade
VIII and the media were the property from Power Point. The learningbased
IT for students Grade VIII-A MTs N Malang 1 gave good effects on all
students, so that all of them joined in the learning activities actively.


learning resources and media, polyhedrons

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