SQ4R Approach To Improve The Ability Of Mathematical Connections And Adversity Quotient Matematik MTs Students

Siti Nur Tresnawati


This study is a quasi experiment, which aims to examine the achievement
and improvement of mathematical connection ability and Adversity Quotient
of Mts students through SQ4R learning as a whole and based on KAM and
association among variables. The population in this research is all students of
class VIII MTsN 1 Subang. Samples were taken by random class, which are
from eight grade obtained two classes, namely VIII D as the experimental
class and class VIII A as the control class. Instruments in this study were
each set of tests for mathematical connections, and a set of student’s
adversity quotient scales and a set of student’s scale of views on SQ4R
learning. The study found that the achievement and improvement of
mathematical connection ability of students whose learning using SQ4R
learning is better than that of learning using ordinary learning as a whole or
reviewed from KAM. And also adversity quotient of students who study
using SQ4R is better than the learning using ordinary learning. it was also
found an association between the ability of connections and adversity
quotient of students in the classroom using SQ4R learning. The student’s
performance illustration during the SQ4R study shows the student’s activity
both individually or in cooperate in their group to build new knowledge that
must be owned by students, so that improving the ability of mathematical
connections as well as the adversity quotient of the student.


Mathematical Connection, Adversity Quotient, SQ4R Approach

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22219/mej.v2i2.6492 | Abstract views : 186 | PDF views : 28


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