The Development Learning Video of Cube And Cuboid for Deaf Students in the 3RD Grade of Middle School

Pramita Respati, Marhan Taufik, Agung Deddiliawan Ismail


This research was aims to develop video instructional media of cube and
cuboid for deaf students. The background of doing this research instructional
media is not only required by means of the normal students, but it is needed
by the students who have special needs like deaf students also. Observation
result addresses that the deaf students are inclined to be slow in catching the
materials are given due to the lack of media, difficulty in imagining cube and
cuboid, and forget the materials are given. In accordance with the students'
characteristics and needs, it requires the visual-based media. This research
typically employed research and development method. The result of
validation based on the assessment of media practitioner with the scale
starting from 0 to 5 was 4.42, and material practitioner from 0 to 5 was 4. The
result of validator's assessment demonstrated that this instructional media can
be available to use. The result of students' response in using this instructional
media was 74.5 %. It revealed that students' response to this instructional
media was good. This research has added the Sistem Isyarat Bahasa
Indonesia (SIBI), and accordance with the characteristics of deaf students and
also has added animations from the Cabri3D software to help students
observe the shape and characteristics of the building blocks and cubes


instructional media, Deaf Students Learning Video, Cube and Cuboid

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