The Analysis of Motivation and Mathematics Learning Interest of Students in Madrasah Tsanawiyah

Cucuk Tri Pamungkas, Baiduri Baiduri, Siti Inganah


This research is aimed to describe about motivation and mathematics learning
interest of students in Madrasah Tsanawiyah. The type of this research is
descriptive research with quantitative and qualitative approaches. The sample
of this research is 49 students of class VII, 60 students of class VIII, and 47
students of class IX. The researcher used questionnaires in this research as the
data collection techniques. Based on the obtained analysis, the average
indicator of motivation to learn mathematics that include: facing the task
diligently for about 2,8 is categorized as fairly well, interesting learning
activities of 3,22 is categorized good, encouragement, needs and
appreciations of learning have the same average that is equal to 2,7 is
categorized fairly well, the conducive learning environment of 2,58 is
categorized fairly well, with students’ average motivation to learn
mathematics in Madrasah Tsanawiyah for about 2,8 and categorized fairly
well. The average indicator of interest in mathematics learning which
includes: attention in learning mathematics of 3,11 is categorized good, the
excitement in learning mathematics equal to 3,04 is categorized good, the
interest in learning mathematics equal to 2,71 is categorized as fairly well,
with the average of students’ learning interest in mathematics of Madrasah
Tsanawiyah for about 2,95 and categorized as fairly well


Mathematics Learning Motivation, Mathematics Learning Interest

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