Metoda Pengkonstruksian Persegi Ajaib

Hendarto Cahyono


A magic square of order n is an n by n matrix with distinct nonnegative integer with the property that the sum of the numbers in each row, each column and the main and back diagonals is same. This sum is the magic sum. In this paper we will discuss some methods to construct the first n2 positive integers for magic squares. The first method that will be established is Latin square Decomposition. Some magic squares can be derived directly with this method. Other methods that also will be discussed are trial and error method, De La Loubére construction, Strachey construction, and product construction. Finally  we  conclude  that  for all positif  integers n, n ¹ 2, it can be constructed a magic square of order-n


magic square; decomposition; orthogonal Latin square; De La Loubére construction; Strachey construction; product construction; umm

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