Tipologi Preferensi Konsumen terhadap Produk Pangan Organik di Kota Malang

Moch. Agus Krisno Budiyanto


Tipologi Preferensi Konsumen terhadap
Produk Pangan Organik di Kota Malang

Moch. Agus Krisno Budiyanto

Stag Pengajar Jurusan Biologi, Fakultas Ilmu Keguruandan Ilmu Pendidikan
Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Email: aguskrisno@yahoo.co.id, aguskrisno.gbf@gmail.com


In  the  21st  century,  the  trend  pattern  of  a  healthy  lifestyle  has  succeeded  in encouraging  the  development  of  organic  farming  is  widely  healthy  lifestyle  has  been institutionalized internationally so that requires a guarantee that agricultural products should be safe to eat beratribut (food safety attributes), high nutrient content (nutritional attributes) and environmentally  friendly (eco-labeling attributes). Consumer preferences such as these cause the world demand for organic agricultural products increased considerably. This study aims to describe consumer preferences for organic agricultural products consisting of: 1) the type of  consumer  decision  making  in  choosing  organic  agricultural  products,  and  2)  the factors that influence consumers to choose organic food products.
The research approach used in this study is a qualitative research with qualitative descriptive  research  design.  In  fact  the  study  of  consumer  preferences  for  organic  food products  in  the Malang city will be analyzed based on the theory of Kotler and Armstrong (2006) on  consumer  decision-making models and factors to choose the material. Research informants  were  students  of  MUM,  lecture  of  MUM,  consumer  and  seller  of  organic agricultural  products  in  Malang.  Sampling  technique  used  was  purposive  sampling.  The number of study subjects is  33 person. The focus is investigated in this study is the typology of consumer preference for organic agricultural products in the Malang city. Data collection methods used are   indepth interviews and  questionnaires. The research data were analyzed with qualitative analysis (Content Analysis) with Interactive Models by Milles and Hubermen (1994) presented a description and descriptive.
Based on this  research, it can be stated  that: 1) the type of consumer decision- making in choosing the products of organic farming in the city of Malang is economic type (4%), psychological type (13%), and consumer behavior type (25%), and others type (58%). Other  types  mostly  for health  reasons,  and  2)  Factors  that affect  consumers in  choosing organic  food  products  in  Malang  is  social  factors  (10%),  personal  factors  (14%), a psychological (19%),  cultural factors (5%), and other factors (52%). Other factors a large part because of religion.

Key words: Typology, Preferences, Consumer, Religion, Health


Typology, Preferences, Consumer, Religion, Health

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