Jurnal Humanity Universitas Muhamadiyah Malang

Jurnal Humanity, Vol 5, No 1 (2009)

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Rahayu Hartini


48 HUMANITY, Volume IV, Nomor 1, September 2009: 48 - 60
Penanaman modal menjadi bagian dari
penyelenggaraan perekonomian nasional dan
ditempatkan sebagai upaya untuk meningkatkan
pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional, menciptakan
lapangan kerja, mendorong pembangunan ekonomi
kerakyatan. Dan tujuan penyelenggaraan
penanaman modal hanya dapat tercapai bila faktor
penunjang yang menghambat iklim penanaman
modal dapat diatasi, antara lain melalui : perbaikan
koordinasi antara instansi pemerintah pusat dan
daerah, penciptaan birokrasi yang efisien, kepastian
Rahayu Hartini1
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The investment must be made apart of the conduct of national economy and be positioned in
an effort to increase the national economic growth, to create job opportunities, to improve sustainable
economic development. The purposes of the conduct of the investments are only reachable if
supporting factors that obstruct investment climate can be contained through, it’s like, improving
conditioning among agencies of the central government and regions, establishment of efficiently
bureaucracy, certainly of investment law. Highly competitive economic costs, conductive business
climate in labor, and business security.
After with intensive discuss between government and the house of representative of Indonesia,
the concept of investment law dialed to due a law on Marc 29th 2007 in the past. The principle in this
law is regulated more comprehensive about direct investment in Indonesia to be conducive investment
but still priorities the national interest. The basic of philosophy this investment law is investment a
instrument important in national building and an effort making a legal certainly to be investor
foreign or local to increase of the commitment investment id Indonesia.
More concern in the investment law is inconsistency in the substation or law principals of
articles inside, although the sub regulation crossed with another rule. So in another side in happen
some indirectly regulations, the purpose or value of philosophy. Beside that, the material of the
investment law is a lot of exactly have a rule alone, its like land reform, law market, corporate law,
and environment law, etc.
This research looking a normative law perspective to be study the rule in which investment.
The purpose to critic the investment law with the problems “why the investment law not supported
to Indonesia economic political way in which regulated in the part 33 Constitution of Indonesia
1945 and how the applications of investment law can be related to be good, if so many the rule be
crossed with another law with the implementation law it.

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