Indonesian Journal of Tropical Aquatic

IJOTA (Indonesian Journal of Tropical Aquatic) is open access publishes papers two times a year (biannual) in February and August. IJOTA will publish the research results useful for the sustainability of fisheries. IJOTA is a scientific journal that discusses the results of research in science, technology, marine and freshwater fisheries that have not been published. Articles should be created in a language that is easily understood by non-specialist readers in the topic of the article itself, but interested in research. This scientific article includes the results of research on Aquaculture (Fish Nutrition, Fish Health and Diseases, Water Quality, Fish Genetics Improvement and Breeding, Fisheries Engineering and Biotechnology), Aquarium Sciences, Aquatic Ecology (Marine, Brackish, Freshwater), Conservation of Aquatic Resources and also Coastal Management. A journal script should be written in English.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2020): February

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Evi Tahapari, Jadmiko Darmawan, Suharyanto suharyanto
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Andre Rachmat Scabra, Tatag Budiardi
Abstract views : 38 | PDF views : 38 |
Yudhistyan Hanif Rahmawan, Riza Rahman Hakim, Ganjar Adhywirawan Sutarjo
Abstract views : 25 |
Dianita Wijayanti, Ganjar Adhywirawan Sutarjo, Riza Rahman Hakim
Abstract views : 11 |
Lukman Al Hakim, Hariyadi Hariyadi, Anis Zubaidah
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Imam Nurul Firdaus, Dony Prasetyo, Ganjar Adhywirawan Sutarjo, David Hermawan
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