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Block made of mud is a building material used in making wall for building that is made from
sand, cement, and fly ash using certain percentage mud in sand. This research aimed to know the
effect of the use of lapindo mud towards the compressive strength, the absorption of block water
with the mud dosage in sand are: 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. This research was an experimental
research; each design was made in size 10x20x40 cm using 5% of fly ash and without fly ash.
The result of this research showed that the highest compressive strength was raised in 10%
mud in sand with 5% fly ash that was 195 kg/cm2 or increased about 3.44 kg/cm2 within increasing
percentage about 10.651% towards the compressive of block without lapindo mud with 5% of fly
ash, and was included in class I quality of block. While for the 30% and 40% mud percentage is
lower compared with normal compressive strength of block. The test result of water absorption of
lapindo mud block showed the higher value than 20% for lapindo mud block with 5% fly ash, in
framing the mud blocks as the wall, those blocks need to be soaked first because the absorption
value of block is higher than 20%. Lapindo mud block without 5% fly ash has bricks water absorption
less than 20%, while in framing those bricks, they don’t need to be soaked because the absorption
of brick if lower than 20%. By using fly ash in mud block, we can get the higher compressive
strength and the lower water absorption.

Keyword: Porong Mud, Block, Fly Ash, Compressive Strength, Absorption

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