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Coronavirus stimulus check: What to know about payment, qualifications, debit card

by Elvis Cowart (2020-06-09)

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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Here's what you need to know about the current round of stimulus payments the IRS is sending out. Angela Lang/CNET For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. If you're waiting for your stimulus payment from the IRS, untangling the government's financial relief package called the CARES Act can be an increasingly frustrating challenge.

is?PaOMKHtrlhZdtmIer6cHsnsKp3k0AaomA_pXOPassed in March to help Americans ride out a wobbling US economy hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, the rescue package also includes financial assistance for businesses, renters and people who are out of work. It isn't always clear if you qualify for a stimulus check, how much money you may actually receive, when you'll get your payment or what could be holding up the delivery of your check.  An additional 1,877,000 people filed for unemployment the last week of May, the Department of Labor reported (PDF), bringing the unemployment rate to 13.3% for May, which is lower than April's 14.7% rate.

The conversation around the relief package now also includes the very real possibility of a second stimulus check for as much as another $1,200 per person. CNET Coronavirus Update Keep track of the coronavirus pandemic. We'll try to answer your common questions about how the stimulus check works, including: Ten reasons why you haven't received your stimulus check yet and what to do if you didn't get your payment. If you're eligible to receive a check and how much of the $1,200 amount you might be able to get. How to use an EIP prepaid debit card if you receive one. How to track your 2020 stimulus check if you don't see the money post in your bank account (some have experienced problems with the IRS' Get My Payment tool).  What to do if you're usually exempt from filing taxes or receive federal benefits. If you're looking for more personal finance information, here are recommendations on how many seo companies are there to spend the stimulus money, how coronavirus affects your rent payment and how else you can get financial relief during the outbreak.

Now playing: Watch this: Stimulus Checks Helpline 2:58 What we know about another stimulus check from the IRS As the US economy continues to weaken as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, pressure is building in Washington to approve another round of aid for individuals and families. The House of Representatives has already proposed a second stimulus package, and the Senate may start work on a package shortly, making a final decision in about a month.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated that it could be the last stimulus check, according to CNBC.   Details about the prospects for a second stimulus check are still developing, but we break down what the current proposal for another $1,200 check for individuals (maximum), extended relief for renters and unemployed people. We also outline arguments for an against the proposal and what could happen next.

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