Pengaruh Penggunaan Tepung Buah Mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) Terhadap Pertambahan Bobot Badan dan Tampilan Pakan Pada Ayam Pedaging

Asmah Hidayati Sujono


Background : Mengkudu has several active ingridients that can alter the absorption process in intestine. So, mengkudu can be used as feed additives for broiler and be expected to give a ositive effect on broiler performance.

Methods : This experiment was conducted in Experimental Farm and Nutrition Laboratory of Muhammadiyah University of Malang start in July up to November 2004. The materials were used in this experiment; 75 day old chickens of CP 707 Broiler for measured of gain and ration convertion; 17 chickens in 35 days age for masured of ration performance. This experiment has 5 (four) treatments of mengkudu meal level, as 0% as (P1); 2,0% (P2); 4% (P3); 6% (P­­4) and 8% (P5). Completely randomized design method was used in this research and the data were analyzed by variance analysis, if there was significant effect it would be continued by Duncan's test.

Result : There were no significant for all variables; gain, ration convertion, biology value and nitrogen retention. From the result it was recommended that the mengkudu meal as the feed additive should be added up to 2% from total ration because it was highest value in all of variables and chickens health


Mengkudu meal; gain; ration convertion; ration convertion; retention N; umm

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