Ahmad Waluya Jati


Community Service Program Internal entitled
Ibm Screen Printing And Offset Business Rizky,
Welding Work-shop Jaya Makmur In The Village
Semanding Dau Malang District this is done with
the aim of increasing knowledge of entrepreneurs in
the fields of marketing, design and significance of the
financial statements and the preparation of financial
statements, in order to improve Entrepreneurs
business develo-pment.
Methods of execution in this devotion is in the
form of counseling, training and mentoring.
Counseling is done to increase awareness and knowledge partner in the field of marketing, especially
online marketing. Further training and mentoring
done to train part-ners and assisting in the
preparation of financial statements partners. As for
the design of training we can only suggest to the
course design program.
Based on the discussions, review of
documents and interviews with Mr. Sulianto, the
marketing system of prin-ting and screen printing as
well as tradi-tional and welding shop is still limited
to Malang, Surabaya, Jember, Banyuwangi and
Banjarmasin. Next implementation team working on
creating a broader mar-keting models using the
online system, but it can not be applied because of
limited physical resources and human resources. So
that the marketing system can not continue to use
marketing system is offered, as well as for program
design there is also a shortage of human resources.
Based on the results of this activity, it can be
said that the SME screen printing and offset
workshop and Las potential to be developed further,
although it is still managed by the management is
very simple, but from the aspect of management can
be said is good. From the marketing aspects of
existing resources still have a problem in the mastery
of technology, as well as from the production aspect
when designing an employee is not able to design his
own, Mr. Sulianto it is evident that PITT design still
use the services of design as a subscription to work
of the subscription order. This conclusion is drawn
when the team offered to sell the online system and
offers courses for its employees. While aspects of
preparedness of the financial statements can be said
of business printing / screen printing and welding
shop is able to understand what we have given in the
training preparation of financial statements, and to
implement it in the year 2016.
Financial reporting system offered and
applied to Business screen printing and offset Rizky
as well as forge welding Jaya Makmur has been
prepared and can be applied in accordance with the
data source, human resources and existing facilities.
Operation is very easy and can generate output
accurate financial state-ments. Mentoring is done
several times to do the training and mentoring of the
financial reporting system applications.
Of the three proposals offered to the partner
that is an online marketing system, design program
and preparation of financial statements, but is
currently only able to provide one single solution,
namely the preparation of financial statements

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