Pengaruh Good Corporate Governance , Ukuran Perusahaan dan Leverage terhadap kinerja Keuangan Perusahaan


  • Adi Sindhu Nurcahya
  • Endang Dwi Wahyuni
  • Setu Setyawan



This research aims to empirically prove that influence the size of commissioners, size of independent commissioners, size of directors, the size of audit committee, the size of corporation and
leverage toward corporation’s financial performances partially and simultaneously. The object
of this research is manufacturing corporation sector and chemical industry base which is registered in indonesian stock exchange 2012-2013.The date which is used is secondary data directly
obatained from website of BEI and each of corporations’ website by using documentation
tehcnique. The data is analyzed by using double regression analysis method and hypotheses.
This research concludes that simultaneously test shows the result that commssioners variable,
independent commssioners, directors, audit committee, size of corporation,and Leverage which
has positive influence and significant on the change of financial performance dependent variable. Meanwhile partially test shows the result that only variable of directors and leverage
which has significantly influence toward financial performance and partially commissioners
variable, indeopendent coommissioners,audit committee,and the size of corporation do not have
the significant influence toward financial performances.
Ke ywords: Size of commissioners, size of independent commissioners, size of directors, size of
audit committee, size of the corporation,and Leverage, financial performance.


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