Uighur Muslims from the perspective of The Media in Indonesia


  • Ayub Dwi Anggoro Universitas Muhammadiyah ponorogo




The phenomenon of reporting on human rights violations committed by the Chinese government against its citizens who embrace Islam or the so-called Uighur Muslims, has become a big spotlight around the world. Pros and cons occur in the opinion that develops in the community. Those who are pro say this is part of dealing with terrorism and those who are against talk about freedom of religion and human rights. Indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world. The issue of Uighur Muslims is interesting to study from the perspective of the news carried out by the media in Indonesia. Republika (republika.co.id) which was born by the Muslim community and Seputar Indonesia (sindonews.com) which is owned by non-Muslim rulers. sindonews.com. With a qualitative approach in the critical discourse analysis model of Van Dijk's Model. The results of the research conducted found two different points of view, namely Republika.com was more directed at the criticism made by America as the identity of the country, while Sindonews.com was more directed at the criticism made by Donald Trump as the government. The conclusion of this study is that the ideological value of a media affects the news perspective.


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