Awan Setia Dharmawan


Conflict is an attempt to achieve a certain value, status, and authority for a specific
benefit as well as to defeat the opponent. The backgrounds of the study were the
cause of conflict between the society and the corporate, the form of conflict between
the society and the corporate, and the conflict resolution model. This study aims
at finding out what caused the conflict between the corporate and the community
around Badek river area, the types of conflict occurred, and conflict resolution
models. This study applies the qualitative approach and is in the form of descriptive
study. This study was conducted in Malang, the urban village of Sukun, Ciptomulyo
sub-district. This study used purposive sampling technique to determine the subject
of the study. Data collecting technique was by the observation, interview, and
documentation. The theory employed in this study is the theory of conflict from Ralf
Dahrendorf. The result of the study shows that the conflict between society and
corporate arises because of the company’s production waste pollutes the river in
the environment where the community lives. The forms of conflict exist are realistic,
in-group, open conflict, conflict among different classes, conflict of interest; the
conflict resolution model is by using mediation with a compensation mechanism to
achieve a win-win solution.

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