Author Guideline



The article sent to Jamanika has never been published or given to other media

The article related to the field of management and entrepreneurship

The contents of articles can be in the form of a Research Result Article or thought out article

Articles that are published, do not always reflect the views of the Editorial Board



Article of Research Results: a. Title, b. Name, Identity, Affiliation, and author e-mail address, c. Abstract and keywords, d. Introduction, e. Literature review, f. Research Methods, g. Result and Discussion, h. Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional), and i. References.



The paper used is A4 with the number of pages between 10-15, including the Bibliography/Reference

The text is typed with MS Word, font Times New Roman 11, 1 space, upper margin 4 cm,  left 4 cm,  right 3 cm, and bottom 3 cm.

Using English with a good structure and plagiarism minimum of 25%.



Abstract consists of 1 paragraph, with the number of words between 70 – 200 (italic) and indentation 1 space. Writing bold letters is only used in titles and subtitles, while italics are only used in writing foreign words, or words that get abstract writing. Writing direct quotes can be done in two ways, namely placing the author (reference source) and the year of publication before the quoted sentence or writing the author's year of publication behind the quoted sentence. Example:

Robbins, S. P.  dan Timothy A. J. (2008: 146) states that the Value System is a hierarchy based on the classification of individual values according to their intensity.


Writing a bibliography is done with APA style (name, year) with a period separator (.) Here is an example of writing a reference:

1. Writing references from books

 Luthans, Fred. 2005. Organizational Behavior 10th Edition. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

2. Writing references from the journal, newspaper, etc.

Widayat. 2008. “Penentu Perilaku Berinvestasi”. Ekonomika Bisnis. Vol.01 (02) Pp. 111-127

3. Writing References from internet / online resources

Subambang, Budiono, 2004. Kajian Inkubator Investasi Daerah Sebuah Pemikiran Untuk Mendukung Pengembangan Ekonomi Lokal. Available online at http://www/

4. Writing reference from proceeding, thesis, dissertation, paper (unpublished)

Tambunan, Tulus T.H. 2011. “MSMEs, Entrepreneurship, and Government Policies: The Story from Indonesia” Paper presented in Seminar Nasional: Perkuatan UMKM sebagai Leading Sektor Perekonomian Indonesia. October. UMM

5. Writing table titles using numbers (1,2,3, etc) and place them above the table. 

Table as far as possible not from the scan, print screen, or screenshot results. 

Each table must include the source and listed below the table.

The title of the image/graphic/ illustration is placed under the illustration and its position in the center.

Not allowed to include attachments.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • If your article was previously submitted, the following requirements have been met:
  1. The article was not previously published in the peer-reviewed literature, including in another language.
  2. The article is not currently before another journal for consideration.
  • The text meets the formatting requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines of the Jamanika journal
  • The manuscript does not contain plagiarism, falsification, and/or fabrication of data
  • The submission file is a DOCX, the maximum file size is 2 Mbytes (downsizes your file now is needed).