Project-Based Learning: Road to Make Connection between Concept and Skills in Mathematics Manipulative Media

Tri Candra Wulandari, Kawakibul Qamar


Mathematics is based on certain concepts and rules, teachers must motivate
students to be able to express the concept in the real world yet. not all
mathematical material is abstract or all mathematical material can be made
real. Therefore, there needs to be a bridge between the abstract world and
the real world. Mathematics Manipulative Media is one of the subjects in
mathematics education program at Kanjuruhan University. This subjects is
given to third year students this class started using Project-Based Learning
(PBL). PBL was design to teach the student with combining concept and
student skills. These skills include communication and presentation skills,
organization and time management skills, research and inquiry skills, selfassessment
and reflection skills, group participation and leadership skills,
and critical thinking. All of these skills are needed for their life in their
society. Implementation of PBL in this manipulative media class is done
using 4 stages, namely the delivery of rules and concepts, the delivery of
ideas, product/creation solution and problem conclusion. While the skills
involved at each stage are communication and presentation skills, time and
organizational management skills, searching and discovering skills, selfassessing
and reflection skills, leadership and lead skills, and critical


Project-Based Learning, Mathematics Manipulative Media

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