Cooperative Models Practice Type Teams Games Tournaments (TGT) With a Saintific Approach on Material Opportunity

Adimas Eko Permadi, Yus Mochamad Cholily, Alfiani Athma Putri


This study aimed to describe learning plan on Opportunity material using
Teams Games Tournaments (TGT) with a scientific approach, and to know
student learning activities on learning materials opportunities using Teams
Games Tournaments (TGT) with scientific approach, as well as to know the
results of student learning on learning materials Opportunities using Teams
Games Tournaments (TGT) with scientific approach. Type of this research is
descriptive and the approach used is qualitative and quantitative. Technique
of collecting data were observation, test, and documentation. The results
showed that the planning of TGT learning was only based on 4 components:
(1) class presentations, (2) teams, (3) games, and (4) tournaments as well as
the non-implementation of group awards and components combined with
scientific approaches, while student learning activities are in type of “good”
category since the test results showed that 28 students were complete and 6
students were unfinished. In classical, students' completeness reached 82.3%
and was said to be complete. These results indicated that learning activities
with TGT model with scientific approach is good to be applied.


Teams Games Tournaments (TGT), Scientific Approach, Learning Planning, Student Learning Activities, and Learning Outcomes.

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