We invite you to send your original research articles or reviewing research articles for Satwika vol.7 no.2 October 2023 on topics lying within the scope of the journal. The deadline is August 31, 2023. Editors welcome scholars, researchers, and practitioners of education around the world to submit scholarly articles to be published in this journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before being accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of published articles.


Satwika : Kajian Ilmu Budaya dan Perubahan Sosial publishes scientific papers on the results of studies/research and reviews of the literature in the fields of cultural studies and social change. The topics include:

  • cultural production and consumption
  • migration, culture, and identity
  • ethics and cultural aesthetics
  • cultural globalization
  • reproduction and cultural appropriation
  • popular arts and culture
  • social class and inequality
  • celebrity and fashion culture
  • cultural hierarchy and power
  • cultural resistance
  • nation, ethnicity, and culture
  • gender and sexuality
  • food, culture, and society
  • consumption society and environment
  • oral tradition

The journal is oriented towards research on cultural phenomena and the current social changes. With the aim of dialogue in contemporary socio-cultural conditions, journals encourage cultural analysis and social change that challenge ideological modes and share inequitable justice, contribute to broad theoretical debates, and help stimulate new and progressive social involvement. This journal welcomes research related to culture and meaning, focuses on key questions about human existence and various problems facing society today.