Aims and Scopes

The Journal of Innovation in Business and Economics (JIBE) is a comprehensive and scholarly publication encompassing a wide array of fields within business, finance, management, and economics. Our primary objective is to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of innovation in business, finance, management, and economics, driven by continuous advancements in information and communication technologies. At JIBE, we extend a warm invitation for contributions that span various facets of business innovation, including but not limited to:

1. Business Advancement
Exploring inventive uses of information and communication technology within the business realm.
2. Finance
Pioneering approaches to portfolio and asset management within the financial sector
3. Foundational Management Principles
Investigating core management principles and their adaptation to foster innovation.
4. Economic Insights
Conducting in-depth analyses of micro and macroeconomic perspectives, with a focus on novel ideas and approaches.
5. Marketing and Brand Development
Providing comprehensive scrutiny of contemporary marketing strategies and their innovative implementations.