Publication Ethics

Scientific Journal of Applied Psychology or it named Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi Terapan (JIPT) in Bahasa. Published by Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, which was first published in 2013. JIPT is specifically examine applied psychology as a means (1) to develop science according to study results, (2) to encourage the new ideas and research within the scope of concepts and practices, (3) to encourage academics and practitioners from various disciplines to contribute in applied psychology studies. JIPT published twice a year on January and August.

Publication ethics is a statement of all those who involved in the publication process ie, administrator, editor, bestari partners, and author. This publication ethics statement is based on Peraturan Kepala LIPI No. 5 tahun 2014 which contains about Ethics of Scientific Publications. The contents of the ethical publication includes three values: (1) Neutrality, which is free from conflicts of interest in the management of publications, 2) Fairness, which gives the right of authorship to the beneficiary as an author, and (3) Honesty, which is free of duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism (DF2P) in the publication.

Duties and Responsibilities of Journal Administrators

  1. Determine the name of the journal, scope of science, time of journal publishing, and accreditation if necessary,
  2. Determine the membership of editorial board,
  3. Defining the relationship between publishers, editors, bestari partners, and others in a contract agreement,
  4. Respect all the confidential matters for researchers, authors, editors, and bestari partners,
  5. Conduct journal’s policy review and convey it to the authors, the editorial board, bestari partners, and readers,
  6. Publish the journal regularly,
  7. To ensure the availability of financial resources to the sustainability of the journal publishing,
  8. Establish networking and marketing,
  9. Preparing for licenses and other legal aspects.

Duties and Responsibilities of Editor

  1. Bridging the needs of readers and writers,
  2. Strive the sustainability of publication quality improvement,
  3. Assign a process to ensure the quality of published works,
  4. Prioritizing objectively of the freedom opinion,
  5. Maintaining the integrity of the author's academic track record,
  6. Conveying corrections, clarifications, withdrawal, and an apology if necessary,
  7. Responsible for the style and format of the writing, while the contents and any statements in the papers are the responsibility of the authors,
  8. Actively ask the opinion of the authors, readers, bestari partners, and members of the editorial board to improve the quality of publications,
  9. Encouraging assessment of the journal,
  10. Facilitate researchers to study about ethics of publication
  11. Assessing the effects of publication policy on the attitude of the author and bestari partners, and improve it to increase accountability and reduce problems,
  12. Open minded towards new opinion or views of others that may conflict with personal opinions,
  13. Neutrality, without maintaining their own opinion, or others which may result in a decision not objective,
  14. Encourage the authors, in order to make improvements of the publication up to a decent issued.

Duties and Responsibilities of Bestari Partners

  1. Reviewing the papers and deliver the results to the editor as a determination of the feasibility of publication,
  2. The paper is reviewed according by the scheduled time and the style of writing based on scientific principles (method of data collection, the legality of the authors, conclusions, and others),
  3. Reassessing the papers that have been fixed according to the specified standard,
  4. Encourage the author to make improvements of the writing by giving criticism, suggestions, feedback, and recommendations,
  5. Maintain the author's privacy by not disseminate the results of corrections, suggestions, and recommendations,
  6. Reviewers should not perform a review of the writing involving him/hers either directly or indirectly.

Duties and Responsibilities of Author

  1. Ensure that the list of authors fulfilled as an author criteria,
  2. Responsible collectively for the work and the contents of the article include methods, analysis, calculation, and details,
  3. Declare the origin of the resources (including funding), either directly or indirectly,
  4. Describe the limitations of the study,
  5. Responding to the comments made by the bestari partners in professionally and punctual,
  6. Notify to the editor if author would retract the article,
  7. Respect the decision if there is demand from the publisher to not publish the findings through phone communication, emails, or other media,
  8. Inform the editors about the findings of papers that are part of a phased research, multi-disciplinary, or  different perspectives,
  9. Filling Ethical Clearance Statement which included as an attachment file in article submission.