IbM Bank Sampah Desa Sekarpuro Kabupaten Malang


  • Sri Wahjuni Latifah Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang



The population is fairly dense and home industry
had an impact on the level of the community
consumption on the rise, and it will
automatically add the use of materials that pose
a litter. Actually, the existence of waste paper
and plastics will be an interesting business
opportunity, generate and absorb labour if
managed with good management. One of the
waste management model is with the bank trash.
However, it should be noted the bank trash be
managed with a good administrative systems so
that depositors trust in such business.
As it happens in Sekarpuro Village RW 09,
Pakis, Malang. Actually, members of the PKK
organization, have a desire to manage waste
with the model bank trash. Because it has not
been agreed by the forum, then these members
move partially, and there has not management of
landfills also through bank trash management.
The purpose of this activity is to establish the
organization managed bank trash with good
management thus creating economic value added
crap. While the benefits of these activities is to
increase awareness and knowledge of the
citizens about the problem of trash in its
environment as well as handling solutions. The
method used through the socialization or
extension to the community, the discussion
identified the type of waste, the establishment of
the Organization the bank trash, administrative
and training programs development.



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