IbM bagi Wirausaha Muda


  • Endang Dwi Wahyuni Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang



IbM to be performed aims to help partners in the
production and marketing of business partners.
Another goal is to help partners to improve
competitiveness, so that the company's
competitiveness can be improved, it needs some
improvement and development to be done by
partners, such as fixing the production process,
product design and the addition of media online
marketing with others and collaborate with other
parties. This is because the company's
competitors are already using more advanced
technology, while the partners are still using
simple technology (manual). so the quality of the
product is less good and less attractive. In order
to increase competitiveness and sales, the
company needs to improve its product design and
the use of digital printing in the screen printing
products (T-shirts). RGB Merch partner
company that is a company that produces a kind
shirt distro, where a machine or equipment used
is still simple. While com-petitors are already
using advanced techno-logies.For business
development and to en-hance competitiveness,
the company partners should immediately use a
more sophisticated production equipment so that
product quality could be better. In addition the
use of sophis-ticated equipment can produce
more output so that the production cost can be
reduced. On-line shop to expand the network
using a variety of existing social networking,
such as face-book, nice shops, and others. It is
also Eny Suprapti Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Bisnis UMM
necessary to make cooperation with various
suppliers of goods, so as to increase the
completeness of goods sold. After the service
team provides assistance and business
consulting. Companies partner to make
improvements, both in the production and
marketing process, so that partner companies
can increase the number and quality of products,
and the production cost can be reduced. In
addition, partner com-+panies can expand
marketing network, and collaborating with
suppliers, so that products sold more varied and
can be more known to the public, increasing
sales and profits also increased.



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