• Eris Tri Kurniawati Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang



ZTempeh chip is one of the specialties that are very
attached to each person who visited Malang city. As one
of the culinary icon, chips tempeh has a promising
market developed to provide an adequate income for
Malang city residents, especially for home industry.
Sanan is a sub-districts where there are many small -
scale tempeh chip producer, and because there are many
other similar businesses tempeh chips sited in the same
location then known as the center tempeh chips in
Malang. On the basis of these considerations we try to
provide guidance and assistance to owner of tempeh
chips home industry in order to develop a sustainable
and consistent growth in future time. In the
implementation we chose “Agista” tempeh chips
producer as partner in this community service activities.
Its business has been running since 2008 with tempeh
chips as a core product which divided into several
flavors besides that, it also has another chip products but
not too dominant in marketing. Things that we want to
develop from this tempeh chip producer is provide
assistance in the management of financial records ,the
development of managerial and also help them to
provide additional loan capital to develop the business ,
which has been running.



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