• Setu Setyawan Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang



Every man has an entrepreneurial
spirit, it relates to the nature of subsistence,
the potential of entrepreneurship must be explored. Entrepreneurship is the spirit, behavior and the ability to respond positively
to the opportunity to benefit themselves or a
better service, as well as create and provide
products that are more useful and implement
ways of working efficiently, through the
courage to take risks, creativity and innovation, and ability management (Eko. 2013).
Most people perceive that entrepreneurship is the last alternative an option to
meet the standards of living, most became
employees of private institutions (enterprises) and the government becomes the
primary choice. Indeed, if viewed from the
risk experienced between entrepreneurs by
becoming more worker-risk being an entrepreneur, an employee's income is definitely
the number and time of receipt no change
within a certain period, while self-employment has a chance to make more money and
be able to provide job opportunities to
people other. There are some things that
underlie this important program
implemented first, provide basic knowledge
and skills of entrepreneurship, Both provide
basic skills to make various flavors of drinks
cappuccino seabagai initial capital to start a
business at home or in public places at
certain events that invite the public, the third
add family income.
Resources or target group in
devotion is the wife of UMM Inn Dhaniel Syam Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Bisnis UMM
Hotel contract employees who do not have
formal jobs, in addition to her husband's income
as well as a contract employee UMM Inn hotel
average Rp. 1,400,000 per month, the income is
not enough to sustain the cost of living for the
family, therefore she must be tricked
berwiarausaha the small home to supplement
her husband's income. Based on the data on the
number of employees as many as 43 people,
consisting of 31 men and 11 women, almost 80%
of his wives do not work.




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