Ibm Usaha Jamu Tradisional Pada Kelompok PKK Sekarpuro Kabupaten Malang


  • Sri Wahjuni Latifah Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Maalng



Implementation of the service was conducted in the village of
Sekarpuro Malang. Activity focused on the environment RW
9 because has some excellent potential that crops of
vegetables and spices. Each house is required to have
vegetables and spices for minimal ten kinds, peppers,
tomatoes, cabbage, basil, kale, spinach, mustard greens, beans
and eggplant. While these types of spices are grown include:
turmeric, saffron and white, kencur, ginger, white ginger, red
ginger, galangal, lemon grass andothers.
The problems faced by partners are: (1)lack of knowledge in
the healthy beverage processing and medicinal herbs, so that
product quality standards and the sale price hasn‘tcomptetive.
(2) Lack of knowledge and skills of members in the field of
marketing that they are pessimistic to sell to a wider market
Program execution method of empowerment that carried the
potential members of the group and the potential of the natural
resources of the area environment. Based on the target
audience who have been in service activities, it can be formed
of two businesses that making herbal drinks such as cider
toga, passion fruit syrup and traditional herbal medicine
manufacture that produces fresh herbs and herbal instant. In
the field of production has developed into six types of
products from only two types of products. While in the
general field of business licenses has been done so that the
product is expected to be accepted by the market. In the field
of marketing has made the introduction of products with a
variety of activities and models of traditional marketing is still
done through leaflets, door to door and exhibits SMEs.
Besides, available change over hygienes packaging and
labeling. Administration and finance training activities has
helped entrepreneurs in setting records with good activity, and
can be used to determine accurately the costofproduction.




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