Aims and Scopes

Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi (JIKO)* is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal for innovation in economics, finance, and business. JIKO publishes communications or letters articles and emphasizes contributions to the academic and practical world so that JIKO is expected to have a broad impact from policymakers to economic actors ranging from companies, industries to MSMEs. 

JIKO uses the word "Inovasi" which is the same as Innovation as an answer to the increasingly dynamic and disruptive changes in the economy, finance, and business. We are also delighted with the multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, we appreciate the novelty/uniquness and conclusion based on the mature method.

Our editors highlight the development of new methods, inverse proof, and even proposals regarding new paradigms in the disciplines of economics and business. We do this because we believe that "innovation" also has limits and must be renewed with innovations; this cycle will continue to be repeated, repeated, and so on. Therefore, JIKO welcoming with debates, contradictions, and an unusual result manuscript. Also, we deeply emphasize that what we do can be justified academically (rational and clearly).

Scopes (but not limited):
economic theory
developing process
sustainable growth
national and international income distribution
natural resources
productivity developments
macroeconomic policies
sectors of the economy: primary, secondary, and tertiary; or agricultural sector, industrial sector, and service sector
Financial Risk Management
Asset Pricing
Statistical Modeling
Insurance Finance
Insurance Markets
Insurance Institutions
Insurance Regulation
Actuarial Sciences
Business model developing cases
Non-traditional methodologies such as simulation, agent-based modeling, network analysis, and system dynamics
Public administration
Mathematics in finances

*) JIKO starts Vol. 05 No. 01 2020 only receives communication or letter articles, with an article-length, not more than 2500 words, and treat every single manuscript with the double-blind review process.