Repository Policy

Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi ensures that the pre-print, accepted version and publisher's version/PDF can be archived under the following conditions:

Authors may deposit and use the document as follows:

  1. Author's Homepage
  2. Non-Commercial Repository
  3. Non-Commercial Social Network
  4. Non-Commercial Subject Repository
  5. Journal Repository Website

Authors may share or post the version of the article that was submitted to the journal (pre-print) to the above resources at any time by adding the caption "This manuscript will be published in Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi. This does not count as a prior publication."

When the article is published, the posted version should be updated with a full citation to the original Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi, including DOI. The submitted and accepted versions should be replaced with the published article version of Jurnal Inovasi Ekonomi. This final published article version can be used for a variety of non-commercial scholarly purposes, subject to full attribution under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY-SA 4.0).