Journal History

Jurnal Teknik Industri is a Journal first published in February 2000 under the name Optimum journal (ISSN 1412-7148 (print)).  Initially, This Journal is a national scientific journal open to seeking innovation, creativity, and novelty in Industrial Engineering. Optimum journal published by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Chairman of the editor (Editor in Chief) when it is Ir. Dyah Retno Purwatiningsih, MT.

Optimum journal was renamed the Jurnal Teknik Industri in Volume 8 Number 1 Februari 2007.  Jurnal Teknik Industri  got print ISSN 1978-1431. Editor in Chief when it is Ir. Dyah Retno Purwatiningsih, MT. In 2012, Jurnal Teknik Industri was accredited based on the Decree of the Director-General of Higher Education No. 83 / Dikti / Kep / 2009 dated 6 July 2009 to 6 July 2012.

In 2012, Jurnal Teknik Industri carried out the change journal management structure, in which the chief editor transferred to Mrs. Annisa Kessy Garside until 2016. Starting from February 2015 (Vol 16 no 1 2015) edition, Jurnal Teknik Industri has added a new layout style (template). The new style is used to simplify the writing of mathematical models.

In 2016, Jurnal Teknik Industri carried out the change journal management structure, in which the chief editor transferred to Dana Marsetiya Utama until now. The Editorial Board structure is strengthened by involving Editors from outside the institution (National diversity). Editors are selected based on the track record of reputable international (Scopus indexed) and nationally accredited publications.  Jurnal Teknik Industri has got online ISSN in In August 2016 (Vol 17, No 2 August 2016). Starting in 2016, Jurnal Teknik Industri began to have ISSN (Online) and Open Journal Systems from Public Knowledge Project. Jurnal Teknik Industri has also been applying their selection of articles using a double-blind review to improve the quality of the article, which is done by the reviewers who already have experience writing both as Authors, correspondents, as well as members of both publications such as journals and proceedings. Good reputable international publications indexed Scopus, accreditation, and national levels. In addition to the reviewer of a researcher also from an expert in the field, researchers from companies, and government agencies. More than 90% of reviewers are from outside our institution (national diversity).

in 2018, Jurnal Teknik Industri is growth. Jurnal Teknik Industri has been accredited by the National Journal Accreditation Managed by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Republic Indonesia with Second Grade (Sinta 2) since the year 2018 according to the decree No. 34/E/KPT/2018. On 17 December 2018, the Jurnal Teknik Industri has indexed DOAJ indexing.

In 2019,  Editorial Board and reviewers' structure were strengthened by involving Editors and reviewers from abroad country. Furthermore, journal policies are also clarified. Aims and scope are reinforced according to the uniqueness of Jurnal Teknik Industri. Update Aims and scope can see in this link. This year, Jurnal Teknik Industri is fully in English. This journal is starting to receive scientific papers from abroad. To make more significant impacts on international scientific communities, Jurnal Teknik Industri only publishes English articles start from Volume 20 Number 1 (February 2019). Starting from February 2019 (Volume 20 Number 1 February 2019) edition, Jurnal Teknik Industri has added a new layout style (template). The new style is used to facilitate the citation for the readers (how to cite the article). Also, there is information on the info articles, namely on how the article was received, revised, accepted, and published. To the improvement of the Quality Article, Jurnal Teknik Industri determine several policies. Authors must use at least 30 references (every reference must have DOI or URL).

In 2020, this journal has proofreaders and intellectual property rights boards. In the August 2020 edition,  Journal also adds bookmarks to make it easier for readers to find in the article sections. In December 2020, Jurnal Teknik Industri conducted a migration for the online journal management system from Open Journal Systems version 2 to Open Journal Systems version 3. This was carried out to maintain security in the online system. 

In 2021, the Journal added a journaling policy. Author (s) is required to write a declaration statement in the article. The declaration statement must describe the author(s) contribution, Funding statement, Conflict of interest, and Additional information. Furthermore,  authors must provide a data availability statement with newly submitted manuscripts.