About the Journal


Journal title Jurnal Teknik Industri
Initials JTI,  J Tek Ind
Grade Sinta 2 the decree No. 34/E/KPT/2018
Frequency Two issues per year (February and August)
DOI prefix 10.22219 by  Crossref
Print ISSN 1978-1431 
Online ISSN 2527-4112 
Editor-in-chief Dana Marsetiya Utama (+6282132044774)
Man. Editor Thomy Eko Saputro
Publisher Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Cite Analysis Google Sholar
Indexing SINTADOAJGoogle Sholar | Garuda


Jurnal Teknik Industri is a peer-reviewed academic journal published twice annually following an open-access policy. This journal is published by Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang.  Online publication reduces publishing costs and makes the process of reviewing and edition more agile. Jurnal Teknik Industri defends that open-access publishing fosters the advance of scientific knowledge, making it available to everyone. Jurnal Teknik Industri serves researchers in Industrial Engineering, Production and Manufacturing Engineering, and Management from the perspectives of Production and Manufacturing, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Operations Management, and Operational Research with particular respect to Indonesia, but not limited to authorship or topical coverage within the region.

The primary objectives are:

  • To collect and disseminate information on new and cutting-edge developments in the fields of industrial engineering and management;
  • To encourage further progress in engineering and management applications and methods;
  • To cover the range of engineering and management development and application of managerial policies and strategies.

Therefore, Jurnal Teknik Industri encourages submitting original, high-quality, theoretical, and application-oriented research; general surveys and critical reviews; and industrial engineering and management case studies.

Main topics of interest but not limited to: Management Operation and Operational Research, Decision-Making Models, Logistic/Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Fuzzy Sets Application in Industrial Engineering,  Operations in the service industry,  Quality Management,  Ergonomic for manufacturing/supply chain, and Human Factors Engineering for manufacturing/supply chain.

In 2018, Jurnal Teknik Industri was accredited by the National Journal Accreditation Managed by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Republic Indonesia with Second Grade (Peringkat 2, Sinta 2) according to the decree No. 34/E/KPT/2018. Jurnal Teknik Industri has been indexed and abstracted and displayed in Garuda (Garda Rujukan Digital), One Search, Google Scholar, Base, Crossref (DOI: 10.22219), and ROAD ISSN. Since 17 December 2018, the Jurnal Teknik Industri has indexed DOAJ indexing. The OAI address of The Jurnal Teknik Industri: http://ejournal.umm.ac.id/index.php/industri/oai