Aim & Scope

Updated on [01 April 2023]

Jurnal Teknik Industri serves researchers in Industrial Engineering, Production and Manufacturing Engineering, and Management from the perspectives of Production and Manufacturing, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Operations Management, and Operational Research. The primary objectives are:

  • To collect and disseminate information on new and cutting-edge developments in the fields of industrial engineering and management;
  • To encourage further progress in engineering and management applications and methods;
  • To cover the range of engineering and management development and application of managerial policies and strategies.

Therefore, Jurnal Teknik Industri encourages submitting original, high-quality, theoretical, and application-oriented research; general surveys and critical reviews; and industrial engineering and management case studies.


Main topics of interest but not limited to: 

  1. Management Operation and Operational Research,
  2. Decision-Making Models,
  3. Logistic/Supply Chain Management,
  4. Lean Manufacturing,
  5. Fuzzy Sets Application in Industrial Engineering, 
  6. Operations in the service industry, 
  7. Quality Management,
  8. Ergonomics for manufacturing/supply chain, and
  9. Human Factors Engineering for manufacturing/supply chain.