Model of Flexible Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem-Service Choice Considering Inventory Status


  • Muhammad Alde Rizal Politeknik Negeri APP Jakarta, Jl. Timbul No.34, Cipedak, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ifa Saidatuningtyas Politeknik POS Indonesia, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia



Vehicle routing, Flexible Periodic , Branch-and-bound, inventory, FPVRP


Vehicle routing problems and inventory problems need to be integrated in order to improve performance. This research discusses the determination of vehicle routes for product delivery with periodic delivery times that are released at any time depending on the inventory status. A mixed-integer linear programming model in determining periodic flexible visiting vehicles' route considering inventory is proposed to solve this problem. This model also accommodates time window constraints, retailer warehouse capacity. The search for solutions was carried out using the branch-and-bound method with the help of Lingo 18.0. The mathematical model testing result saves shipping costs and inventory costs. In addition, the developing mathematical model offers the flexibility of visiting depending on the inventory status of the consumer. The sensitivity analysis of the model results in the vehicle capacity influence the total cost and routes formed.


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Ifa Saidatuningtyas, Politeknik POS Indonesia, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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